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As in the Midkemia novels of Raymond Feist, the juxtaposition shows that neither is inherently good nor evil. It is the people using magic or science who give them meaning, and Lustbader has created people you will never forget: Riane, the Dar-Sala-at; Eleana, the woman she loves twice over; Kurgan, the V'ornn usurper who raped Eleana and sired her child; Marethyn Stogggul, Kurgan's defiant sister, an artist who joins the Kundalan resistance; Marethyn's lover, chief trader Sornnn SaTrryn, who secretly helps the resistance as well; and the fabulous Krystren, the Sarakkon woman from the mysterious southern continent, who comes north on a secret mission and will change the lives of everyone she meets.

All the while, the evil Sauro-micians threatenthe world as they seek to use banestones to bind a dragon. With each new volume, The Pearl Saga has bloomed and ramified like a gorgeous flowering vine. The Mistress of the Pearl is the best yet, and those who have read the previous books will find new sources of excitement and enlightenment, but this is also a great place to begin catching up with the series, as the Pearl shines ever brighter. Additional Product Features Number of Volumes.

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Trending Price New. Ratings and Reviews Write a review. Most relevant reviews. What are we doing here? It was so bold you could not help but ask yourself what lay beneath. When it comes to Giyan it bothers me deeply. From a thick belt hung two swords, their scabbards incised with Miina's runes.

The long, gleaming blades, etched down their lengths, thrummed like beaten bass drums when he drew them. Do they not trust us enough? But Eleana, who knew his silence for brooding, would not let him be, and at length he gave in, not because he was weak, but because he did not want to keep secret the thorn in his heart.


I love Giyan so, and she says she loves me. He had told her that it was like a companion or afamiliar.

I was a Khagggun Pack-Commander when she met me. I had pursued her charge, Annon Ashera, into these very hills, to her home at Stone Border. And when Annon died, she brought him out to me so that I would stop the killing of innocent Kundalan. I wonder now how I could have done those things.

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But having done them, I wonder how she could love me. No sooner had she delivered her dead charge to me than I took her as concubine. How she fought me. How she He turned away from Eleana, and she put her hand out to reassure him, but thought better of it, and dug a hole in the pocket of her jerkin instead. Eleana sighed to herself and shook her head. It pained her to see her friend in such an agony of despair. She understood all too well his longings and desperate fears.

In Za Hara-at, she had said to Riane, We must not be afraid to say what is in our hearts. When I see you I cannot cool my body down. I have never felt this way about anyone. For she had come to know with the ineluctable surety of those in love that her beloved Annon was still alive, that somehow, by whatever sorcery, he abided inside Riane. We will never understand its nature. And here is all that can be fathomed of it. It is love that transforms us, not V'ornn technomancy or Kundalan sorcery, because it does so completely from the heart. But I also know the longing that springs from wanting to go back to the way you once were.

As much as I love being a member of the band of outsiders, that very name triggers desires in me, for I miss desperately my life in the Resistance, where every day I could see the difference I was making in the cause of Kundalan freedom against the V'ornn. Look at you, born a V'ornn of Khagggun caste, trained from birth to be a warrior, to kill and maim, to do the bidding of the Gyrgon.

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And yet you stopped. Youquestioned everything. Your love for Giyan transformed you. From that moment on, you were in a sense no longer truly V'ornn. Why do you question the similar transformation in her? His guilt at what he had done plagued him. If she had learned anything during her time with the Resistance is was this: the spectre of the past made the present unendurable.

When I look into a mirror I do not even recognize myself. I am the Nawatir, but I am only slowly beginning to explore the powers I have been given. This cloak is sorcerous, yet I do not yet know the extent of its magic. His face was a clenched fist, cheekbones like bared white knuckles, ready to put someone, anyone, on their back. What if she is just using me, if this is some sort of revenge she has schemed.

She worried he was digging a grave for himself but felt helpless, unable to grab the shovel from his grip. She turned with relief at the sound of nails clacking on stone. Thigpen, who started telling them about banestones and couldn't stop. Explorations Interview with Eric Van Lustbader Paul Goat Allen: Your three Pearl novels thus far have ignited more buzz and spirited conversation than any other series in recent memory.

The numerous themes -- technology vs.

One slightly inebriated man your No. I thought the most significant theme was about love, friendship and acceptance -- overcoming cultural and physical differences to help one another coexist and make it through the hardships of life. Am I correct, or do I owe an apology to your No. Eric Van Lustbader: You are absolutely correct, Paul.

The Pearl: Mistress of the Pearl Vol. 3 by Eric Van Lustbader (2004, Hardcover, Revised)

As a matter of fact, though the overarching theme of the series is the struggle between technology and spirituality, that neither are superior to the other, that the more fundamentalist your mind-set the more crippled you are and unable to deal with the facets of the universe, each volume has a sub-theme. In Mistress of the Pearl that sub-theme is precisely what you say, the many paths, joys, and dangers that are the consequences of love.

Don't forget that one of the things that makes love unique is that it entails the act of "letting go," being totally irrational, which often leads you to do things you otherwise would never attempt. Sometimes this is a glorious thing as in Krystren's quest or Leyytey's bold strike , at other times it can be disastrous Sahor's love for Gil Aluf, Kurgan's obsession with Eleana.

Mistress of the Pearl (Pearl Saga Series #3)

But without love and its many consequences, think how dull life would be, both here on Earth and on Kundala. PGA: Of the dozens of characters featured in this saga, which one do you identify with the most, and why? But the truth is, my favorite character is Nith Sahor -- well, he's no longer Nith, and he's not even a full V'ornn any longer -- the better to like him, I say!

That said, I particularly love the females in the saga -- that was a deliberate thing on my part. But everything isn't so premeditated. To wit, a funny thing: Leyytey, Admiral Pnin's daughter, was only supposed to be a minor character when I started writing her, but she soon disabused me of that notion! I also love Gul Aluf and Kurgan; but, then, villains are so much fun to write! PGA: How do you go about writing a story like this epic? Epic is almost an inadequate term to describe this series.

The Serpent and the Pearl, Kate Quinn

EVL: I had quite an extensive outline, because I'd been thinking about the story and the world on and off for about seven years. During that time, I'd made extensive notes on the continents of Kundala, the peoples, social mores, languages, weapons, and, especially, the religion. From the very beginning, I wanted to write a series of books that dealt with two warring species: one technologically advanced, the other a theocracy that used sorcery in the service of religion.

I wanted both of these species to be deeply damaged, to have turned away from the things that had made them great and unique. I wanted them to come into conflict and only slowly realize that the only way to their salvation was to join together like two sides of a sundered coin. PGA: I've heard that the Pearl saga could be up to seven volumes long. Is this true? And can you give your fans a little teaser about what transpires in upcoming volumes? EVL: The Pearl saga is six books long; but for those of you who are about to read the third, Mistress of the Pearl, you'll soon see that the first three novels form a tidy trilogy on their own.

The fourth book will take place on the Southern Continent of Kundala, amid the Sarakkon we get a nice taste of them in Mistress. The fifth volume will take place in The Great Voorg, among the Druuge, the first and most powerful of the Ramahan. The sixth volume will recount the great battle against the Centophennni. Any truth to this tantalizing rumor?