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Horrific and controversial even today, these first uses of the atomic bomb had intense ramifications not only on the continued development of the bomb, but also on politics and popular culture. As well as the technological development, historian James Delgado also examines how the US Army Air Force had to develop the capacity to deliver the weapons, and examines the sites where development and testing took place, in order to give a comprehensive history of the dawning of the nuclear age. Recensie s This fascinating book covers the pre-atomic age, the development and delivery of atomic bombs to their targets in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan, international reaction to the attacks, and post-war atomic testing at Bikini Atoll.

It then analyzes nuclear proliferation and deterence and the bomb's legacies, which have touched virtually every aspect of human affairs. Fully illustrated, this comprehensive book fills an important gap in our understanding of the enormous changes that the United States military underwent during World War II. It offers a fully illustrated book surveying the development of the bomb, from early attempts to tests and advances in technology.

An added bonus: it considers how the US Air Force had development capacity to delivery the weapons and considers the sites where such developments took place. I am especially ignorant when it comes to the hard sciences, such as physics. It thus came as a bit of a surprise to me that the history of what is largely an area of research in physics could be so remarkable.

A Compendium of Striking Manhattan Project Quotes

Delgado, however, knows the craft of writing as well as any historian and he makes his subject both meaningful and exciting for even a casual reader Reading Nuclear Dawn makes the atomic bomb far more accessible as a concept to the average reader than any other book on the subject I have read. Szasz, Choice Magazine March Toon meer Toon minder. Lees de eerste pagina's. Reviews Schrijf een review. Bindwijze: E-book.

British Defense Policy and the Atomic Bomb at the Dawn of the Cold War, 1945–52

Direct beschikbaar. Verkoop door bol. It is a harnessing of the basic power of the universe. The force from which the sun draws its power has been loosed against those who brought war to the Far East. No opposition. Results technically successful. Visible effects about equal to Hiroshima. Proceeding to Okinawa. Fuel problem. We have gained 4 days in manufacture and expect to ship from New Mexico on 12 or 13 August the final components. Providing there are no unforeseen difficulties in manufacture, in transportation to the theatre or after arrival in the theatre, the bomb should be ready for delivery on the first suitable weather after 17 or 18 August.

Marshall, August 10, ; M, image ]. He said the thought of wiping out another , people was too horrible.

If there were a nuclear war today, it would be a destruction of both countries, so in that sense it cannot be repeated. But I think the realization that it cannot and must not be repeated was very much facilitated by Hiroshima. If an atom bomb had not been made and detonated in World War II, the world would be unprepared to cope with the tremendous threat of nuclear warfare. This war, that has ravaged so much of the earth, has written these words.

This atomic bomb has spelled them out for all men to understand.

The Nazi Nuclear Weapons Program

Other men have spoken them, in other times, of other wars, of other weapons. They have not prevailed. There are some, misled by a false sense of human history, who hold that they will not prevail today. It is not for us to believe that. By our works we are committed to a world united, before this common peril, in law, and in humanity.

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If you are a scientist you cannot stop such a thing. If you are a scientist you believe that it is good to find out how the world works; that it is good to find out what the realities are; that it is good to turn over to mankind at large the greatest possible power to control the world and to deal with it according to its lights and values.

All the committees, the politicking and the plans would have come to naught if a few unpredictable nuclear cross-sections had been different from what they are by a factor of two. By its very nature it cannot be confined to a military objective but becomes a weapon which in practical effect is almost one of genocide. I feel I would like to see the vital interests of this country in hands which I understand better and therefore trust more.

Oppenheimer has ever divulged any secret information. In that world, in that war, it was the only thing to do. I only regret that it was not done two years earlier. I would have saved a million or more lives. President, that it has taken some charity and some courage for you to make this award today. There is the baggage of significant numbers in reserve. There is the baggage of a nuclear stockpile beyond our needs.

Countdown to Looking Glass [1984]

Our current arsenal does not address the threats of the 21st century. Badash, L. Reidel, Dordrecht Bird, K. Robert Oppenheimer. Alfred A, Knopf, New York Blum, J. Wallace , Houghton Mifflin, Boston Cohen, S.

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